Mace Energy Method

Restoring Your Heart, Mind And Soul.

The Mace Energy Method

Are you going through a difficult time in your life right now?

Are you experiencing recurring issues that you need to resolve once and for all?

You deserve to be happy, to discover your full potential, and to be the real you.

Imagine how different your life would be...The Mace Energy Method holds the key!

What Is MEM?


Unlike the conventional methods of therapy you know, the Mace Energy Method doesn’t rely on pure narrative. Instead, it only asks you a fundamental question to guide the session. The therapy itself is non-confrontational. It focuses on eliminating the true cause of the negative feelings, emotions, behaviours, and attitudes you have unknowingly developed and identified with in response to the negative events in your life. By targeting the cause of these negativities, the Mace Energy Method helps you effectively eliminate them, leading you to be back in charge of your life once again.

Please note that all MACE sessions can be carried out either in person, over the phone, or via Skype or Facetime
Mace Energy Method session are available GLOBALLY   

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John Mace – The Father Of Causism And The Mace Energy Method


It was through his life experiences and a single life-changing event that led him to seek that elusive knowledge that will soon fill the void of complementary therapy and healing. By establishing the principles embodied by Causism, and by designing an alternative approach towards emotional healing as embodied by the Mace Energy Method, John Mace has helped usher in a new age in complementary therapy: non-intrusive, non-talk, and non-recurring problems. John Mace peacefully transitioned in November 2018.

Want to Learn More?


In his compelling book, John Mace describes the revolutionary concept of Causism™ and its practical component, the Mace Energy Method, and explains how we unknowingly create negative identities that influence our thoughts, feelings, relationships, life activities and prevent us from obtaining our goals and dreams.

He will also take readers on a journey of discovery and understanding, as they follow these concepts through to their logical and fascinating conclusions in how these hidden negative identities can be located and dis-created permanently.

Causism™ will truly change the course of people’s lives! It’s credo is simple: No individual, group, or organisation, no matter how big and powerful has lien on knowledge. Knowledge belongs to all!

Used by trained practitioners around the world, Causism™ is a powerful tool for emotional healing, that is having remarkable effects on people’s lives. In a total departure from conventional counselling, it does not involve any self-disclosure and requires only one or two therapy sessions which can even be carried out over telephone or zoom.

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