Kyela Sound Therapy

Restoring Your Heart, Mind And Soul

Kyela Sound Therapy

Kyela sound is a unique, non-invasive and profound therapy that considers each person’s specific energy signature.  Our aim is to diagnose, and with the use of sound frequencies, release the energy blockages that prevent a person from manifesting the life or health that they would like. 

We work in the client’s bio-field and with their energy system using Himalayan singing bowls, turned pipes and tuning forks.  All tuned to specific frequencies that work synergistically together to “tune mind, body and spirit” and assist with restoring balance and harmony.  This therapy has the added benefit of leaving the client calm and relaxed.

By being able to diagnose the client’s energetic field, we can offer a synopsis of information that empowers them to understand how and why they got where they were and how to keep their frequency up so as to move forward easily.

This we believe is what makes this modality stand alone in its efficiency.

Theresa holds a Diploma in Sound Healing Therapy.

Please note Kyela Sound Therapy is a stand alone Healing Therapy not to be confused with a Sound Bath/Meditation.

Hear what those who’ve tried Kyela Sound Therapy have to say…


When I booked Kyela sound therapy with Theresea, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it was going to be a simple, relaxation with sounds and bells in the background. The treatment had been specifically done to what my needs where. I was completely blown away by the experience. I was completely relaxed by the sounds, and I felt like I was transported somewhere else, to the Divine. I fell asleep but could still hear beautiful sounds wash over me. The healing experience was amazing and very deep. When I awoke at the end of the treatment, Theresea delivered a synopsis she had done for me explaining what had be picked up and what had now been removed. It was spot on for me. It was invaluable receiving the time and care after my treatment. I highly recommend the Kyela sound therapy to anyone. Thank you, Theresa. 


How can Kyela Sound Therapy change your life?

To find out how Kyela Sound Therapy can bring a sense of balance to your life,
combined with gentle and effective healing, get in touch with Theresa today.

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