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Theresa did different healings on me each session. I notice after a few sessions how much calmer I became. Over time Theresa managed to help with my insecurities and trust issues and has made me a stronger person. This has then helped me in my relationship with my partner.

I have started to have Reiki Sessions by phone. I also find this very powerful.

Since starting Reiki, I have become a stronger person in myself and now have dealt with a lot of my past issues.

I will continue with Reiki Healing. I find the energy that Theresa sends is very powerful and has made me into a more peaceful and centred person.


Thank you so much Theresa for saving me!!!!!


Debbie W/A

In 2013 I had been introduced and nurtured by Theresea with the use of Reiki to assist my body to fall pregnant with my first child. In March 2015 I revisited Theresea again as I desperately wanted to fall pregnant again to have our children close in age. Prior to March 2015 the months were passing, and I just could not fall pregnant. Theresea identified several issues that were contributing to the ability of me not being able to fall pregnant. Using the method of Reiki Theresea identified firstly that my body was holding onto grief of a family member who had passed in 2014 who I had not intentionally ‘let go’ of. The release of that grief felt incredible, heartbreaking but incredible. It soothed my soul knowing that she connected with this soul to let me know they were at peace, incredibly happy and pain free. Theresea was even able to provide me with a message from this passed loved one which were the exact words they would have used in their physical life reaffirming that it was indeed them. The release of those strong emotions of grief made me feel lighter instantaneously. As the Reiki continued Theresea identified trauma that my first birth had caused within my body. The trauma she identified was so incredibly accurate that no one else would have known those specific things besides from me, my husband and my doctor. Once the Reiki was completed, I walked away feeling so calm and at peace.

I returned to Theresea a week later to continue with the healing that my body had begun. This time everything in my body was flowing far more efficiently once again. She worked her energy again with my reproductive system and at the conclusion of the Reiki she had mentioned that my womb was ready for my second child and that it could take 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years but it will happen. I felt rejoiced to tell Theresea that two weeks after my healings I had fallen pregnant with my son. I felt so blessed to be given not only the precious gift of another child but to be led into Theresa’s care even as far back as 2013.

Throughout the pregnancy I continued to have Reiki done monthly as I suffered from nauseousness, tiredness and headaches. I am also personally convinced that Reiki energy increases a foetuses health and well-being. Also, that it contributed to better postnatal recovery and accelerated my healing process.

Theresea has been a blessing to our family, and we hold her with such high regard. Falling pregnant both times has not been easy for my family. I cannot seem to choose the correct words to efficiently describe Theresea, but two words we refer to her as in our family is our “earth angel”.

Thank you for being you Theresea and helping us to become “us” in a family sense.


I met Theresa when I was trying to fall pregnant and struggling emotionally with my journey. Her reading of me at that time was not only spot-on, it was also life changing. Theresa has a special kind of energy and connection with the Universe, and she uses this to help people bring love and light into their lives. I did fall pregnant, and throughout my pregnancy, I had healing sessions with Theresa. These sessions were fantastic for both baby and I. Each time I arrived feeling exhausted and stressed and left feeling restored and energised. Looking back, those healing sessions were integral to my health during pregnancy. I am so grateful to have met Theresa and consider her to be a special person in my life. She’s amazing.


Jacinta Hawkins

Kind words
Therese is very special and gifted and has made such a difference to my life and how I feel about myself, my relationships and what goes on around me through her Reiki healing sessions. This has had a ripple effect, and my family and friends reap the benefits of my positive outlook and inner calm. I can’t recommend Theresa highly enough – she has made such a difference to me and is very genuine and highly skilled.

Mel xx

“After having a fairly rough couple of years emotionally I was told about Theresa and thought I’d give it a go, I straight away felt a sense of connection and she has helped me deal with and work through many things from my past and also day to day issues, I am the person I am today a large part due to her and how she has helped me  I look always look forward to our sessions”.

Thanks so much for everything Theresa, I’m so lucky you’ve come into my life 

Hearn, Erin xxx

When I booked Kyela sound therapy with Theresea, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it was going to be a simple, relaxation with sounds and bells in the background. The treatment had been specifically done to what my needs where. I was completely blown away by the experience. I was completely relaxed by the sounds, and I felt like I was transported somewhere else, to the Divine. I fell asleep but could still hear beautiful sounds wash over me. The healing experience was amazing and very deep. When I awoke at the end of the treatment, Theresea delivered a synopsis she had done for me explaining what had be picked up and what had now been removed. It was spot on for me. It was invaluable receiving the time and care after my treatment. I highly recommend the Kyela sound therapy to anyone. Thank you, Theresa. 


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